SchoolShelf is a subscription-based program that provides student success resources digitally for all levels. Instantly access hundreds of materials covering topics such as academic success, student development, parent involvement, college and career, and more.

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SchoolShelf is easily accessible 24/7 on any device. In school, at home, in the library, or on the beach. No login or password required. Simply click the mouse or touch the screen to intuitively navigate your way around SchoolShelf.


SchoolShelf includes hundreds of Woodburn Press resources – resources that have been providing students and parents with reliable, practical information and tips for over 20 years. Used in schools and colleges across the country, the resources on SchoolShelf are time tested, and sure to help your students succeed.


A subscription provides SchoolShelf access to all students, parents, and educators. You can present SchoolShelf any way you like. Link it. Email it. Embed it.

A one-year subscription for a single school or program is $750

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