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Welcome to Edgecombe Community College’s Student Success SchoolShelf.

Welcome to Edgecombe Community College’s Student Success SchoolShelf. Here, you will find digital books and Info Guides that are great resources for everyone; students, parents, instructors, and advisers. These resources are available at no cost and can be used throughout your academic career here at Edgecombe Community College. If you have any questions or would like assistance, please contact Mr. Ulric Hill, Student Success Center Coordinator @ 252-823-5166 ext. 219 or

This Month's Printables
Academic Success
Academic success means something different to everyone. It could mean getting a college degree, graduating with a 3.0 GPA, or being accepted at graduate school. Regardless of what academic success means to you, the information and tips provided here will help you improve your academic skills and achieve your goals.
Learning Aids
Transitions / 1st Year / Life Skills
Being successful in college is about more than succeeding in the classroom. It’s also about being involved in activities, being financially responsible, taking care of yourself, and much more. The information and tips provided here will help ensure that you get the most out of your college experience.
Transitions/1st Year
Financial Literacy
Safety, Health and Wellness
Learning Aids
Career Preparation
When you graduate from college, you want to be able to get a great job, or perhaps get into graduate school. The resources on this shelf will give you information and tips on how to plan and prepare for your future career, have an impressive resume when you graduate, get a job, and/or get into graduate school.
Books & InfoGuides
Learning Aids
Parent Support
Your son or daughter may be away at college, but he/she still needs your guidance and support. The books on this shelf address the common interests and concerns of college parents. They also give insightful tips and advice on how you can help your student have a positive, successful college experience.

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