Digital Resources for Students and Parents

The elementary years are an exciting time for both students and parents.

There is a tremendous amount of learning and growth that takes places during these important years, and parent involvement, support, and guidance are a critical key to student success.

SchoolShelf provides parents with the information they need to guide their children through these formative years.  It also includes resources that show upper-elementary students how to succeed both in and out of the classroom. Perhaps most importantly, SchoolShelf allows educators to provide solutions to a number of elementary school related issues all in one place.

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Resources covering…

  • Parent Involvement
  • Student Success
  • Study Skills
  • Skills by Grade Level
  • And More…

Perfect for…

  • Parent Programs / Conferences
  • Counselors
  • Teachers


A one-year subscription for a single school or program is $750

Have questions or want a quote on a multi-level or multi-year subscription?
Give us a call at 888-285-1502.

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