12 Part III Choosing a College Parents and students need to work together to choose a college that will be a good fit. Things to Consider When looking for colleges that will be a good match for your child, consider the following: Size – Does your child want to go to a large college with lots of majors and activities, or to a small college with fewer students and smaller classes? Location – Where does your child want to go to college? Close to home? In your home state? Out of state? Near a big city? Close to nature? Academic Programs/Other Criteria– Is there a specific subject your child wants to study? If so, you need to find the colleges that offer that major. Are there other things that are important to your child, such as a study abroad program, campus diversity, or a specific sport? Cost – How important is cost? In order to save money, many students choose to go to a public college in their home state, or they start at a community col- lege. Remember, financial aid often makes it possible for students to attend colleges that would otherwise be too expensive. AdmissionsRequirements–Whichcollegesseemtobeagoodacademicfit for your child? Look for colleges that accept students with academic records (i.e., grades, test scores) similar to your child’s. Do a College Search Once you've determined what you and your child are looking for in a college, search for the colleges that meet your criteria. Guidance of- fices often have online college planning tools such as Naviance, and bookstores and libraries have a variety of resources. There’s also a wealth of information online. To do an online search for the colleges that meet your criteria, visit bigfuture.collegeboard.org.