10 Careers by Academic Subject Area Consider careers in subjects that you like and do well in. English Actor/actress Administrative asst. Advertising manager Broadcaster Court reporter Editor Journalist Lawyer Librarian Minister/priest/rabbi Paralegal Receptionist Reporter Salesperson Secretary Speech pathologist Teacher/professor Writer/author The Arts Actor/actress Architect Artist Art therapist Commercial artist Composer Dancer/choreographer Fashion designer Film producer/editor Floral designer Graphic artist Illustrator Interior designer Landscape architect Music therapist Musician Photographer Sound engineer Teacher/professor Web developer Foreign Language Flight attendant International business International lawyer Interpreter Linguist Nurse Peace Corps worker Social worker Teacher/professor Tour guide Translator Travel agent Math Accountant Actuary Bank teller/manager Carpenter Computer programmer Electrician Engineer Financial planner Insurance agent Loan officer Real estate appraiser Statistician Stockbroker Surveyor Systems analyst Teacher/professor Tool and die maker Website developer Science Athletic trainer Biologist Botanist Chemist Chiropractor Dental hygienist Science (cont.) Dentist Engineer Environmentalist Forester Geologist Medical technician Meteorologist Nurse Nutritionist Optometrist Paramedic/EMT Pharmacist Physical therapist Physician Physicist Teacher/professor Veterinarian Zoologist Social Studies Anthropologist Archaeologist City manager Corrections officer Criminologist Economist Geographer Historian Lawyer Lobbyist Minister/priest/rabbi Newscaster Paralegal Police officer Politician Psychologist Social worker Sociologist Teacher/professor Urban planner