13 To prepare students for today’s high-tech careers, many high schools have Tech-Prep programs. These two-year programs combine technical courses with college preparatory courses. Some Tech-Prep students look for employ- ment as soon as they graduate from high school. Others go on to a four-year college. Most Tech-Prep students, however, continue their education at a community college. Career and technology programs are primarily available to high school juniors and seniors. If you’re interested in learning about the career and technology opportunities available at your high school, talk to your counselor. Community and public technical colleges provide affordable, career- oriented programs that enable students to begin their careers after two yearsofcollegeorless. Studentscompletingshort-termprogramsreceive certificates or diplomas. Students who complete a two-year program earn an associate’s degree. Students can also start at a community or technical college and then transfer to a four-year college. Students prepare for a specific career Students in certificate and associate degree programs spend most of their time taking the courses they need to prepare for a specific career field. Students studying business, for example, take courses in math, communi- cations, and accounting. Art students focus primarily on art courses, while engineering technology students spend the majority of their time in math, science, and engineering courses. Education Choices # through # are available to high school graduates Education Choice # Community and Technical Colleges 2 2 6