16 Students can transfer to a four-year college Students who aren’t ready to attend a four-year college can start at a two- year college, and then transfer after a year or two. Because they are less expensive, many students start at a community or technical college in order to save money. As long as students choose their courses carefully, the credits they earn at a two-year college should transfer. It is, however, up to the four-year college to say which credits they will accept. While credits in traditional academic courses such as English and math generally transfer, four-year colleges usu- ally do not accept credits in career-oriented courses such as dental hygiene. Communityandtechnicalcollegeshavecounselorsand advisors available to help students choose courses that will transfer. Students with specific questions about a course or program should contact the four-year college they plan to attend. Career and trade schools offer short-term training in a wide variety of career fields. While some programs last only a few weeks, others take up to two years to complete. Career and trade schools generally accept any student with a high school diploma. Students receive hands-on training Students at career and trade schools spend most of their class time in job- related settings where they receive hands-on training from experienced instructors. The student-teacher ratio is low, and students generally receive a great deal of individual instruction. To find the schools located in your area, go to nces.ed.gov/collegenaviga- tor or do an online search for the career/trade schools in your city and state. On the following page are just some of the careers you can prepare for by going to a career or trade school. Education Choice # Career and Trade Schools 3