19 Accounting Anthropology Architecture Art education Art history Biology Botany Business administration Chemical engineering Chemistry Civil engineering Communications Computer engineering Computer science Criminal justice Dance Drama Economics Electrical engineering Elementary education English Environmental studies Finance Fine arts French Geography Geology German History Industrial design Information sciences International relations Journalism Management Management infor- mation systems Marine science Marketing Mathematics Mechanical engineering A four-year college education, or bachelor’s degree, can open doors and prepare students for financially rewarding careers. While all colleges hope to attract bright, well-prepared students, colleges vary greatly in their size, costs, admission requirements, and in the majors they offer. Four-year colleges offer a wide variety of majors Four-year colleges want their students to receive a broad-based education, as well as an education in a specific subject area or major. To ensure their students receive a well-rounded education, most four-year colleges require that all students take 25%–50% of their classes in general education courses such as English, math, and history. Students who go to college without having decided on a major can use their first year of college to take their required courses. This gives them time to consider all of the majors offered at their college. Most four-year colleges have a wide range of majors from which students can choose. Here are some of the most popular majors. Education Choice # Four-Year Colleges 4