23 As the nation’s largest employer, the military offers qualified applicants a good salary, benefits, and free job training. The military also provides disciplineandstructure,aswellasopportunitiesforcareeradvancement and travel. The military offers training in over 2,000 jobs, most of which have civilian counterparts. The four major branches of the military are the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Ma- rines. TherearealsomilitaryopportunitiesintheCoastGuard,NationalGuard, and the Reserves. ROTC programs are available for those students who want to attend college before they enter the military, and the military academies provide excellent educational opportunities for the students who qualify. To enlist in any branch of the military, young men and women must pass a physical exam and earn a minimum score on the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery). Through the delayed entry program, students can be sworn in during their senior year and enter the military after they graduate. This makes it possible for students who want training in a particular career field to have an opening reserved for them. A great deal of information is available for those considering the military as an option. High school guidance offices usually have brochures, and there is a wealth of information online. Students can learn more about the military at www.todaysmilitary.com. Education Choice # The Military Specialty Colleges Specialty colleges have a very limited number of programs. Art, nursing, and business colleges are all examples of specialty colleges. The cost for these colleges and the length of their programs vary, depending on the school and the program. 5