25 Pay in the military is determined by rank and years served. Most enlistees begin at pay grade E-1 and receive about $1,600 a month. In addition to free training, enlistees receive free housing and free medical care. The GI Bill also provides enlistees with an excellent opportunity to earn money for college. Enlisteeswhocontributetoacollegefundcanreceiveover$50,000forcollege. Basic training Basic training is 6–12 weeks of intense physical and mental preparation involving classroom instruction, field exercises, and physical training. Enlistees learn how to take orders and how to live and work in close quarters. They learn discipline, physical endurance, and respect for authority. After basic training, enlistees typically go to advanced training. There they receive instruction and training for their assigned occupational field. Reserves and National Guard As part-time members of the military, enlistees go through basic training and job training. After that, they train for two days once a month and for two weeks once a year. They are paid for the days they work, and they receive education benefits. The Reserves and the National Guard can be called to active duty when there is a national emergency or in the event of a conflict.The Army National Guard and the Air National Guard also help state governments with natural disasters such as fires and floods, and with conflicts such as strikes and riots. Miltary academies The Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard have their own academies (West Point, Naval Academy, Air Force Academy, and Coast Guard Academy). After receiving a free four-year college education, academy graduates enter the military as officers. Because the application process for all the military academies is somewhat involved,interestedstudentsshouldstarttheapplicationprocessinthespring of their junior year. Applicants generally need to have high ACT/SAT scores and a high GPA in a strong college prep program. Applicants also need to be in good physical condition.