30 In Part I, you identified a career or career field that would be a good fit for you. In Part II, you learned about your educational choices. You are now ready to make a Career Plan. To make a Career Plan, state your career goal, and then list the things you need to do to reach your goal. (It’s a good idea to also make a “back-up plan” or a “Plan B.”) Here is an example of one high school junior’s Career Plan. Jessica’s Career Plan My career goal is to become a paralegal. To reach my career goal, I will: u choose courses for my senior year that will prepare me for the paralegal program at City Community College u find a summer job in an office to get some related work experience u apply to City Community College in the fall of my senior year u complete the FAFSA my senior year u live at home and attend college as a full-time student u complete the paralegal program in two years with an A/B average u work with the college’s job placement office during my last semester u start my career as a paralegal as soon as I get my associate’s degree Part III Make a Career Plan Final Words Sometimes when people are confused about what to do, they do nothing. They decide to just wait and see what “comes along.” These people later realize that doing nothing is in itself a choice, and that very seldom does anything worthwhile just “come along.” Things happen for people who make them happen. Take control of your life, make a plan, and work hard. You are sure to find both happiness and success!