3 Weliveinanageoffastfoodandinstantinformation.Thereare,however, noshortcutsorfastanswersincareerplanning.Youmusttakesometime for self-assessment. A self-assessment will help you identify the following: u what you like to do (interests) u what you have a natural talent for (aptitudes) u what you’re good at (abilities) u what’s important to you (values) Choosing a career is a process; it’s not a decision to be made overnight. Likewise, the self-assessment activities in this section are not meant to pro- vide quick answers. They are instead designed to stimulate thought and discussion. The activities in this section will help you determine what you’re looking for in a career. To get the most out of these activities, ask a parent to go through themwithyou. Aparentwillbeabletoprovideyouwithvaluableinsights,and the activities will be more meaningful if you go through them with someone who knows you well. Choosing a Career – Step Self-Assessment A Note to Parents You can be a valuable resource in helping your child with the self-assessment process. No one knows a child as well as a parent. As you go through these activities, think about the interests, strengths, and personality traits you have witnessed in your child over the years. Point these out, and explain how they can be valuable assets in the right career. 1