4 A Self-Assessment Directions: Go through each of the 10 items below. Take your time, and think about your responses. 1. You’ve been hired by World Cruises and you now have a job on a large cruise ship. Look over the jobs listed below, and put a by the three jobs you would most like to have. Put an by any job you wouldn’t want. ___ captain ___ accountant ___ security officer ___ chef / cook ___ musician ___ child care director ___ photographer ___ doctor / nurse ___ gift shop manager ___ social director ___ electrician / plumber ___ tour guide ___ engineer ___ captain’s assistant ___ computer technician 2. In the middle of the ocean, your ship sprang a leak. Everyone on board jumped into the lifeboats and headed for a nearby island. Look over the list below and put a by the three jobs you’d most like to have on the island. Put an by any job you wouldn’t want to have. ___ build a hut ___ organize supplies ___ take care of the injured ___ repair the lifeboats ___ hunt and fish ___ lead a rescue strategy meeting ___ plan a social activity ___ make tools or pottery ___ use parts to build a radio ___ reassure those who are scared ___ teach groups of children ___ keep a journal or log of events ___ design a lookout tower ___ develop a work schedule ___ settle arguments ___ study island plants and animals ___ prepare meals ___ figure out why the boat sank 3. What are your two favorite school subjects? ________________________ ________________________ Name two hobbies or activities you enjoy. ________________________ ________________________