5 4. Name one thing you do better than most of your friends. ____________________________________________________ Name one activity you become so involved in that you lose track of time. _____________________________________________________ 5. Put a by the statements that reflect how you feel. Put an by those that are not true for you. Skip those you feel neutral about. I would like to have a career that would allow me to... ___ work with children ___ help people who are sick ___ work outdoors ___ travel ___ work with my hands ___ work by myself ___ be in charge ___ work at a desk ___ build or fix things ___ work with numbers ___ work with animals ___ make a difference ___ work with computers ___ talk or perform in public ___ work indoors ___ create art or music ___ work in nature ___ be physically active ___ make a lot of money ___ work with other people 6. Do you want a career that requires ___ one year (or less) of education after high school? ___ two to four years of additional education? 7. Pretend that you have a crystal ball and can see into the future. What do you see yourself doing ten years from now? _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ 8. What do you get excited about doing? __________________________ _____________________________________________________ When and where are you the happiest? _________________________ ____________________________________________________ Is there anything you’ve always dreamed of doing? ________________ _____________________________________________________