6 9. In the first column, write down three words you would use to describe yourself. Then ask two adults who know you well to choose three words they would use to describe you. Write these words in the second and third columns. 1.______________ 1. ______________ 1. ______________ 2.______________ 2. ______________ 2. ______________ 3.______________ 3. ______________ 3. ______________ 10. What careers have others suggested you consider? ______________ ________________________________________________ When you were young, what careers did you think about having? ___________________________________________________ Consider your responses to the ten self-assessment questions. 1. Do your responses indicate that you prefer activities inwhichyouworkwithpeople,things,orinformation? ___ People (helping and working with people) ___ Things (hands-on activities using objects or tools) ___ Information (desk-type activities) 2. Which career area(s) do your responses point to? ___ Business ___ Health care ___ Education ___ High-tech/computers ___ Human services (child care, law enforcement) ___ Skilled trades (plumbing, carpentry) ___ Arts (music, dance, art, theater) If you are able to identify at least one career area you want to consider, go to Step Two – Investigate Your Career Choices