7 If you are unable to identify a career area that you want to investigate, talk to your counselor or do some additional research on your own. There are a number of books that can assist you with career planning, and there’s a great deal of information online. For example, websites such as www. mappingyourfuture.org have excellent information on how to choose and prepare for a career. Once you’ve identified a career area you’re interested in, take time to learn as much as you can about the careers in that field. u Research the careers in your area of interest u Talk to people who know or work in that career field u Get some related experience Research careers Numerous resources are available to help you learn about the careers you’re interested in. There’s a wealth of information online, and guidance of- fices, bookstores, and libraries also have a variety of resources. The best resource for career information is the Occupational Outlook Hand- book. This book provides excellent information on hundreds of careers. The information from the Occupational Outlook Handbook is available online at www.bls.gov/ooh. On this website you can learn about specific careers, or you can search for careers that might be right for you. Choosing a Career–Step Investigate Your Career Choices Remember, you’re not trying to come up with the “perfect” career—you’re just looking for career fields to investigate. 2