10 Step – Know How to Get Good Grades If you come to school every day and do the following, you’re certain to have grades you can be proud of. Be organized Being organized makes your day run smoother and it saves you time. u Use a student planner every day. u Keep your locker and backpack neat. u Organize class notes in binders or notebooks. u Get everything organized for the next day before you go to bed. “Using a planner keeps me organized. It also helps me get things done on time.” James Manage your time well With good time-management you have less stress and more free time. u Use any extra time in school to get started on homework. u Create a study plan that works for you. u Allow more time for homework than you think you’ll need. “Each day I make a To Do list for myself. I prioritize the items on the list to make sure that I do the most important things first.”Kayla Be successful in the classroom If you pay attention in class, you have less to learn on your own. u Be in class, on time, every day. u Learn how to adapt to different teaching styles. u Bring everything you need with you to class. u Always do all of your homework. u Participate in class. u Don’t leave class with unanswered questions. “To get good grades, I study and I do all of my homework. I also ask for help if I don’t understand something.” Jenna 4