11 Take good notes Having good notes to study from will help you do better on tests. u Pay attention and think about what your teacher is saying. u Recognize and write down the important information. u Take notes that are neat and easy to read. u If you’re absent, get copies of the notes you missed. “I go back over my notes and highlight the information that’s most important. It makes studying for tests a lot easier.” Antonio Know how to read a textbook To help you remember what you read, go through these three steps. u SURVEY. Before you start to read, look over the headings and the words in bold and italic print. u READ. Read the entire assignment. u REVIEW. When you’re done, do a quick review of what you’ve read. “I have a couple of classes with a lot of reading. I really try not to get behind—it’s just too hard to catch up.” Jacob Study smart Students who study smart spend less time studying, and yet they get better grades. u Find a good place to study. u Focus on one thing at a time. u Break large assignments down into smaller parts. u Do difficult assignments first, while you’re still fresh and alert. “Before I start to study, I make a plan. I figure out what I need to do and the order I’m going to do it.” Megan Use test-taking strategies Using a few test-taking strategies will help you get higher test grades. u Have everything you need for the test (pencils, calculator, etc.). u Before you start, look over the entire test and make a plan. u Mark any question you want to return to. u Check your answers, and use all of the time available. “As soon as I get my test, I write anything I need to remember at the top of the test.” Terrell