13 Step Get Involved High school is like anything else—the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. Students who are involved in school activities generally do better academi- cally,andtheyenjoyschoolmore. Beinginvolvedinschoolactivitiesprovides you with the opportunity to do the following: Spend time with friends and meet new people “Being in the marching band is great. We’re all friends and we have a really good time.” Amanda Enjoy school more “I didn’t like school that much last year. This year I’m an office as- sistant and I’m on the track team. I know more people now, and school is a lot more fun.” Darnell Become a leader “Being on student council has helped me gain confidence and develop the skills I need to be a leader.” Kate Relieve stress “I get rid of a lot of stress during basketball practice. It’s great to be with my friends and just forget about school for a while.” Megan Provide a valuable service “My work on the school newspaper is really important to me. I’ve made lots of new friends, and I feel like I am doing something useful.” Jasmine Try something new “My speech teacher told me that I should try out for the school play. I’d never been in a play before, but I ended up getting one of the leads.” Brad 6