21 No career path is permanent or irreversible! Make your career choices based on who you are today, but know that you can always choose a different career path in the future. Ways to prepare for your career Most of today’s careers require education or training beyond a general high school education. Below are six ways that you can prepare for a great career. For information and advice on which of these options you should consider, talk to your counselor. High school career and technology program Most high schools offer career and technology pro- grams in a variety of career fields (the building trades, business, computer technology, etc.). These programs are particularly appropriate for students who prefer a more practical, “hands-on” approach to learning. While studentsintheseprogramsgenerallyhavetheskillsthey need to get a job as soon as they graduate, almost two-thirds continue their education after high school. If you think you might like an educational program in which you “learn by doing,” ask your counselor for information on the career and technology programs available at your school. Four-year college A four-year college education, or bachelor’s degree, can open doors and provide a wide range of career options and opportunities. While four-year colleges vary in size, costs, requirements, and in the majors they offer, all four-year colleges want students who are prepared for college-level work. Studentswhoplantogotoafour-yearcollegeneedtotakecollegeprepcourses in high school and work hard to get good grades.