26 Tips for Students We asked our group of high school seniors to tell us what tips they wish someone would have given them when they were starting high school. Here are seven of their responses. 1. “Get each semester off to a good start. I have this habit of not working very hard at the beginning of the semester. Then I have to work like crazy to bring my grades up. This semester, I got off to a good start in all of my classes. My grades are a lot better, and I’m not all stressed out about having to bring my grades up.” Kayla 2. “Get involved. I’ve had a lot more fun during my junior and senior years because I’ve gotten involved in activities. I wish I would have been more involved earlier.” Darnell 3. “Choose your courses carefully and don’t wait until your senior year to think about what you’re going to do after you graduate.” Antonio 4. “Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Last year I struggled the whole year in math. This year I have a tutor and I’m getting a B in math.” Jacob 5. “Think about the consequences of what you do. My sophomore year, I got caught drinking a beer during football season and I wasn’t allowed to practice or play for two weeks. I felt like I let my team down—and it was so hard to just watch the games and not be able to play.” John 6. “Don’t get caught up in the social scene, and don’t worry about being part of the ‘in crowd.’ Choose friends who have similar interests and who you can be yourself with.” Megan 7. “Don’t wish your high school years away. It goes fast. Enjoy it.” Jenna