27 Tips for Parents High school students are old enough to make many of their own decisions, but they still need their parents to provide guidance and set limits. The tips below will help you guide and advise your high school student. Help your child succeed in school. u At the beginning of each term, sit down with your child and together set realistic academic goals for that term. u Encourage involvement in school activities. Show your support by at- tending performances and games. u Work together with the school. If you have a question or concern about a class, make a phone call or send an email to the teacher. For other concerns, contact the school counselor or principal. u Help choose appropriate courses. If you have a question about a course, talk to the school counselor. Provide guidelines and set limits. u Expect your child to be in school every day, on time. u Make sure that your child isn’t spending too much time on social net- working sites, talking on the phone, texting, playing video games, or watching TV. Also, make sure that a job doesn’t interfere with school. u If you want to change a behavior, first make sure that your child knows exactly what your expectations are. You can then offer rewards if your expectations are met, or consequences if they’re not. Never take away a positive activity (e.g., sports, choir, school play) as a consequence. u Tell your child that you’ll be checking on where he/she is going, and with whom. When children know their parents are checking on them, they’re less likely to do things they shouldn’t.