29 Advice for parents – From students We asked our panel of seniors what advice they would give the parents of high school students. Below are ten of their best responses. 1. “Don’t be overprotective, but do ask where your kids are going, what they’ll be doing, and who they’re going to be with.” Josh 2. “Make sure that you know how your kids are doing in school, but don’t pressure them too much, and don’t nag.” Maria 3. “Go to your child’s games or concerts or whatever. Sometimes we act like we don’t care if you go, but we do.” John 4. “Listen, ask questions, and let your children know they can talk to you.” Kate 5. “Make sure they do their homework and that their attendance is good. They’ll appreciate it later.” Megan 6. “High school is a rite of passage. Treat your kids as adults. Be open with them and give them space. These years are hard, so cut your kids some breaks. Don’t let them be disrespectful though.” Lauren 7. “All high school kids make mistakes. Try to help your kids learn from their mistakes.” Darnell 8. “Be supportive and be patient.” Greg 9. “Encourage your kids to get involved in sports, clubs, or some- thing. They’ll like school a lot more.” Amanda 10. “Trust your children to make their own decisions, but let them know you’re there to help.” Jasmine