2 Know What to Expect in High School People experience greater success when they know what to expect. In high school, you can expect to find the following: New teachers and classmates For many students, going to high school means going to a different, and often larger, school. For all students, high school means new teachers, new classes, and new classmates. More extracurricular activities Mosthighschoolshaveavarietyofactivities,clubs, and athletic programs for their students. More independence and more responsibility High school students are expected to be mature and responsible enough to handle the additional freedoms they’re given. Courses earn credits High school courses earn credits towards graduation. Students who fail classes may not have enough credits to advance to the next grade level, or to graduate on time. Greater emphasis on academic achievement In high school, the courses are more difficult and the grades are more important. High school grades help determine the kinds of jobs students can get and the colleges they’ll be able to get into. More social events There are lots of social activities (games, dances, etc.) in high school. Some students feel that there’s also more social pressure. Greater need for time management and organization High school students have more activities, more homework, and more responsibilities than they’ve ever had before. To keep on top of everything, students need to be organized and manage their time well.