5 The sample transcript on the next page will give you an idea of what a high school transcript might look like. High School Transcript A high school transcript is a document that details a student’s academic achievement in grades 9-12. A transcript is, quite simply, a copy of a student’s high school record. Although the information in- cludedonatranscriptvariesfromschooltoschool, high school transcripts often contain the following information: u Grades and credits for each course completed, beginning with grade 9 u Attendance u Current cumulative GPA and class rank u Anticipated graduation date u State graduation test scores (if required) u College test scores (PSAT/NMSQT, ACT, SAT) An official transcripthas a signature, stamp, or seal verifying its authenticity. An unofficial transcript is exactly the same as an official transcript, except that it has no signature, stamp, or seal. Students can usually get an unof- ficial transcript (to check credits or take on a college visit) by going to their guidance office. Transcripts are used when a school, organization, or college needs a copy of a student’s high school record. For example, if you were to transfer to another school, your new high school would need to have a record of the courses you’ve taken, your grades, and the credits you’ve earned. To obtain this information, your new high school would ask your current school to send them an official transcript. Colleges need a transcript in order to determine whether or not an ap- plicant meets their admission requirements. Colleges, therefore, require that an official transcript be submitted along with a student’s application for admission. A transcript is also generally required when a student ap- plies for a scholarship.