7 Step Know Your School Most high schools have a handbook that explains their rules, dress code, attendance policies, etc. Make sure that you understand your school’s rules, and know where to go for help. School Calendar Every school has a calendar that shows when their school will be closed for holidays and vacations, and when each grading period begins and ends. School calendars also show when open houses, tests, and conferences are scheduled. Getacopyofyourschool’s calendar and write the important dates in your student planner. Also put these dates on your calendar at home. Attendance and Tardy Policies Allschoolshavepoliciesthatencourageregularattendance. Knowwhatyour school’s attendance and tardy policies are. Also, know what you need to do if you’re absent or tardy. Does a parent need to call the school? Do you need to bring in a note? Do you need to report to the office first? You are expected to be in school every day, on time, unless you are ill. If you have a health problem or an extended illness, have a parent call the atten- dance office or your principal and explain the situation. If you’re absent for more than a day or two, try to get some work to do at home so that you don’t get too far behind. Rules for Life It doesn’t matter whether you’re in high school, college, or working at a job, you are expected to be there on time every day. You’re also expected to dress appropriately, be courteous to the people around you, and give your best effort each day. School rules are really “rules for life.” 2