9 “The four-year plan my parents and I made when I started high school has helped a lot. I’ve taken all of the courses I need for college, and I’ve still been able to be in orchestra and take four years of art.” Christopher, senior Class Rank Approximately half the high schools in the U.S. rank their students. Class rank shows where a student stands academically in relation to the other members of his/her graduating class. The student with the highest GPA is number one, the student with the second highest GPA is number two, and so on. While class rank is sometimes expressed as a percentile, it is most often written as two numbers. The first number represents the student’s place in the class; the second number represents the total number of students in the class (e.g., 35/295). Because GPAs are used to calculate class rank, a student must have a high GPA in order to have an impressive class rank. Class rank is one of several factors colleges use in the admissions process. Four-Year High School Plan A four-year high school plan is a listing of the specific courses a student plans to take during his/her fresh- man, sophomore, junior, and senior years. When making a four-year plan, it’s important to consider graduation re- quirements, college recommended courses, and career goals. Students who want to play a sport in college also need to take into consideration college athletic eligibility requirements. Review and revise your child’s four-year plan each year, making adjust- ments for academic performance, personal interests, revised career plans, and changes in course offerings. The best time to review and revise your child’s four-year plan is when you’re choosing courses for the following school year. If you have a question or want to make sure your child is taking the right courses, schedule an appointment with your child’s counselor.