13 Attend all parent programs Most high schools have an orientation or open house early in the year. These programs give parents the opportunity to see the school, meet their child’s teachers, and learn something about the courses their child is taking. When you attend an orientation, open house, parent program, or confer- ence, you learn valuable information. You also show your child that you consider education to be important, and that you’re interested in his/her academic progress. Insist on daily attendance When students miss school, they miss lectures, notes, class discussions, assignments, quizzes, and tests. It doesn’t matter how conscientious students are about making up their work, they can never make up all of what they miss, even if they’re absent for only a day or two. Parents who allow their children to miss school on days when they aren’t ill send a message that school isn’t really that important. If your child doesn’t want to go to school, or if you’re seeing a pattern of excuses to miss school, talk to your child or to your child’s counselor. See all midterm reports and report cards In addition to report cards, many schools also provide students with prog- ress reports, interim reports, or midterm grades. Expect to see a midterm report halfway through the term and a report card 7-10 days after the grading period ends. If you don’t see a midterm report or report card, call the school immedi- ately and ask for a copy. Do not just assume that someone will contact you if there’s a problem. Many schools today put student grades online. This makes it easy for par- ents to monitor their child’s academic progress. If your child’s grades are available online, check them regularly. Attendance is the number one school success factor!