19 Support and work with the teachers, counselors, and administrators at your school. Like you, they want your child to have a positive high school experience. Support your child’s school Children’s attitudes about education and school are, to a great extent, determined by what their parents say and do. Your child needs to know that you support the teachers and the administrators at your school. Your child also needs to know that you consider education to be a top priority. You can best convey your interest in education and your support of your child’s school by doing the following: u Insist that your child be in school every day. u Show an interest in what your child is studying. u Expect your child to work up to his/her potential. u Talk about the importance of getting a good education. u Expect your child to follow the school rules. u Attend all parent programs and parent-teacher conferences. u Encourage your child to think about going to college. u Show consistent interest in your child’s academic progress. Communicate with your school It’s much easier today for parents to stay informed and to communicate with school personnel. Schools have their own websites, and parents can often com- municate with teachers and counselors via email. Don’t ever hesitate to ask for information or help. If there’s a situation (e.g., health problem, death in the family, divorce) that might affect your child’s attitude or school performance, contact your child’s counselor and explain the situation. Work with Your School