25 Discuss education options Most careers today require education and/or training beyond high school. While some careers require four years of college, others require just one year of additional education. A student’s career choice will often determine which education option is most appropriate. While there are many factors that determine the kinds of opportunities a student will have in life, the biggest determining factor is education. Make sure your child understands the importance of doing well in school, and encourage your child to continue his/her education after high school. High School Career and Technology Program Most high schools offer career and technology programs in a variety of career fields (medical, computer technology, skilled trades, business, etc.). Students in career and technology programs spend much of their time “learning by doing.” Students studying computer science work on computers, those studying early childhood education work with children, and those studying auto body repair work on cars. Education Options Help your child plan and prepare for the future by exploring the following education options: u High School Career and Technology Program u Two-Year College u Four-Year College u Career or Trade School u Military u Apprenticeship