8 Be successful in the classroom When you pay attention in class, you have less to learn on your own. u Be in school every day, on time. u Bring everything you need to class. u Always do your homework. u Participate in class. u Learn how to get along with different types of teachers. “To get good grades, I study and I do all of my homework. I also ask for help if I don’t understand something.” Marcus Take good notes Having good notes to study from will help you do better on tests. u Listen carefully, think about what your teacher is saying, and write down the important information. u Take notes that are neat and easy to read. “I go over my notes and highlight the information that’s important. It makes studying for tests a lot easier.” Emily Know how to read a textbook To help you remember what you read, go through these three steps. u SURVEY. Before you start to read, look over the headings and the words in bold and italic print. u READ. Read the entire assignment. u REVIEW. When you’re done, do a quick review of what you’ve read. “I really try not to get behind in my reading. It’s just too hard to catch up.” Nick Be a smart test taker Using a few test-taking strategies will help you get higher test grades. u Before you start, look over the entire test and make a plan. u Mark the questions you want to come back to. u Check your answers, and use all of the time you’re given. “As soon as I get my test, I write anything I need to remember at the top.” Michael