9 Cheating Some students think that it’s no big deal to cheat once in awhile. But cheating is a big deal, and it’s wrong. Cheating can also get you into a lot of trouble at school and at home. Copying something word for word, even from the internet, is also cheat- ing. Be sure to always identify another person’s words or ideas by using quotation marks. The Internet The internet gives you access to a tremendous amount of information. There is, however, a lot of information on the internet that’s unreliable or incorrect. Your teachers may suggest websites. They may even have links on their teacher site. When using other websites, make sure the source is reliable, and that the information is accurate. Of course, we use the internet for more than gathering information. We also use it to communicate with friends and for entertainment (playing games and watching videos). The internet is a wonderful tool, but we must all use it responsibly. If you ever have a question about a site, ask a parent, teacher, or librarian. Never put anything on a social networking site such as Facebook that you wouldn’t want your parents or teachers to see. Once it’s on the in- ternet, it is public! Also, remember that “chatting” online with someone you don’t know can be dangerous. Never give out personal information. Lotsofstudentsgetgoodgradesinelementaryschool,butwhen they get to middle school, they let their grades slip. Work hard to get the best grades you can in middle school. You want to be ready for high school! Don't let your grades slip