12 Students who are involved in activities usually get better grades, and they like school more. All middle schools have athletic teams, clubs, and music programs. In many schools, students can also work as an office aide or teacher’s as- sistant. Find out what activities are available at your school and become involved in one or two. You’ll make new friends, gain new skills, and you’ll also have a lot of fun. If you need additional information on an activity, go to the office or talk to your counselor. Also listen to announcements and check your school’s website. Reasons to participate in school activities u Spend time with friends and meet new people “Band is so much fun. We’re all friends and we have a great time together.” Hannah u Try something new “One of my teachers told me that I should try out for the school play. It turned out to be a lot of fun,and everyone said that I was really good.” Mia u Provide a valuable service “I work in the office one period a day. I like working there, and I feel like I am doing something useful.” James u Enjoy school more “I didn’t like school last year, but this year I’m on the football team. I know more people now, and school’s more fun.” Tyler Step Get Involved 5