13 u Become a leader “Being a class representative has helped me gain confidence. It’s also helped me develop some leadership skills.” Carlos u Relieve stress “Basketball practice helps me get rid of a lot of stress. It’s great to be with friends and forget about school for awhile.” Jayla u Develop your skills and talents “I play the violin in orchestra. I’m not very good, but I’m getting better, and I’m having a really good time.” Kate u Have fun “School activities are the best part of school.” Whitney Get involved in activities outside of school There are lots of wonderful programs outside of school for students your age (sports programs, scouting, church activities, etc.). You can also vol- unteer. Volunteering at a nursing home, animal shelter, or charity event is a great way to have fun and to do something worthwhile. Find things to do on your own Being with friends and participating in group activities is great, but it’s also important to have things that you enjoy doing by yourself. During the next few years, take time to develop some personal hobbies and skills. Things you can do on your own cook, read, juggle, fish, dance, shoot hoops, build something, make jewelry, take pictures, write stories, knit, draw, sew, hike, garden, start a collection, play an instrument, exercise, decorate a bedroom, listen to music, take care of a pet, make a web page, help an elderly relative or neighbor