15 Decisions students need to make We asked our students to tell us about some of the decisions that middle schoolers have to make. Here are a few of their responses. “You have to decide how you’re going to spend your free time. I have friends who seem to spend all of their time on their phone or online. I’m on the soccer team and it takes up a lot of time, but it’s fun, and I like doing something that’s active.” Brianna “You have to start thinking about what kind of career you want to have, and what you’re going to do after high school.” Joe “If you have a problem, you have to figure out what to do about it. I was having a problem with math, so I decided to get some help after school. Now I’m getting a B in math.” Anna B. Staying Home - Positives 1. I’ll have plenty of time to study. 2. I will get a better grade on my test. 3. I won’t be stressed out about the test or my grade. Staying Home - Negatives 1. I will miss seeing the game. 2. I’ll feel left out. I looked at my two choices and decided to stay home and study. Getting a good grade on this test is important to me. And I can go to the next game—when I don’t have a test to study for.