20 Getting along with your parents will make your middle school years a lot easier—and a lot more fun. In middle school, you’re going to have all sorts of new experiences and challenges. Your parents, of course, are also facing a new challenge—they are now the parents of a middle school student. During your middle school years, you and your parents will go through different stages, and sometimes you will disagree. For example, you may want more time to hang out with your friends, more freedom, or more privacy than your parents want to give you. While you may not always agree with your parents, if you do the ten things listed below, you and your parents will probably get along just fine during these next few years. 1. Remember that your parents care about you, and that sometimes when you’re out with your friends, they worry about you. 2. Talk to your parents about what’s happening in school and about what you and your friends are doing. Just telling your parents little things can make a big difference in how you and your parents get along. 3. Never be disrespectful to your parents. 4. Bring your friends home so your parents can meet them. 5. Make a real effort to do well in school. 6. Do chores without complaining. 7. Always tell your parents where you’re going and when you’ll be home. Check in with them often. (The more your parents trust you, the more freedom you will likely receive.) Step – Get Along with Your Parents 9