22 Tips for getting along with parents We asked our student panel for tips on how to get along with parents. Here are a few of their best suggestions. “Still do things with your parents. Ask them to help you study and do things like go shopping. Also, ask them for their opinion about things.” Jennifer “Try to put yourself in your parents’ shoes. It will help you under- stand where they’re coming from.” Sarah “Bring your friends over and introduce them to your parents. Parents feel better when they know who you’re hanging out with.” Tyler “When you go someplace, tell your parents where you’re going. If you go someplace different, let them know.” James “When you disagree, try to explain yourself without getting upset or angry.” Darius “Treat your parents with respect and listen to their advice. It’s amazing how often they’re right.” Kate Hint: If you do well in school, your parents are likely to be more understanding about a lot of other things. Studying hard and getting good grades pays off in lots of ways!