2 Students are usually more successful when they know what to expect. In middle school, you can expect to find the following: New teachers and classmates For many students, going to middle school means going to a different, and often larger, school. For all students, it means new classes, new teach- ers, and new classmates. New things to adjust to Lockers, lunch periods, and changing classes are just a few of the new things middle school students often have to adjust to. More activities and athletic programs Most middle schools have a variety of activities, clubs, and athletic pro- grams for their students. More independence and more responsibility Middle school students are expected to be responsible enough to handle the additional freedoms they’re given. Harder classes The courses are more difficult, there’s more homework, and students are expected to do more work on their own. More social events There are more social activities (games, dances, etc.) in middle school. Some students feel that there’s also more social pressure. Changes in you During middle school, students grow and change in many different ways. “I was kind of scared going into middle school because it seemed like it was going to be a lot harder. But it’s not hard, and it’s a lot more fun.” John Know What to Expect