4 Courses While middle school student schedules are mostly made up of required courses (English, math, science, social studies, etc.), students sometimes get to choose a few of their courses. For example, students may be able to take band, orchestra, advanced math, or a foreign language. Learn about the courses you’re required to take each year. Also, find out if there are courses you can choose to take. If you ever find yourself in a course that’s too difficult or too easy, talk to your counselor. Code of conduct / School rules In order to have a safe, inviting place for students to learn, schools need to have rules regarding student conduct and behavior. Most students un- derstand that rules are necessary, and they follow them. For the students who don’t follow the rules, there are consequences. Consequences can range anywhere from getting detention to being ex- pelled. In most cases, the consequence will depend on the seriousness of the offense and the past history of the student involved. While rules vary from school to school, no school will allow alcohol, drugs, weapons, violence, smoking, or bullying. “Most school rules are just common sense.” Sarah “School rules are no big deal. Just follow them.” Antonio All students need to take an active role in making their school a safe place where students want to come to learn. If you ever feel threatened, or if you know of a situation that may put you or someone else at risk, tell a teacher, principal, or counselor immediately. It's the students... Principals and teachers make rules in order to create a safe learning environment. But it’s the students who make their school a great place to be!