The best person to help you 5 People to go to for help If you look around your school, you’ll find teachers, principals, counselors, librarians, tutors, coaches, and secretaries. All of these people are there to help you have the best middle school experience possible. At some point, you’re probably going to have a question or problem that you need help with. You can usually get your questions answered and your problems taken care of just by going to the right office, or by talking to the right person. If you ever have a problem and don’t know who to talk to, see your coun- selor. Your counselor will be able to help you with whatever question or problem you have. “Many of my teachers took extra time to help me when I didn’t understand something. Most teachers are happy to help—you just have to ask.” Hannah “If I ever have a problem with a class or teacher, I talk to my counselor. He’s really helped me out a lot.” Tyrone “Last year I had a problem with a boy who was bothering me. I asked one of my teachers how to handle it, and she helped me figure out what to do.” Kylie The person who can help you the most with any problem or concern is a parent. If you have a problem with a class, teacher, or another student, tell your parent(s) right away. A parent can help you deal with any situation or problem. If you don’t feel that you can talk to a parent, talk to an adult you trust.