6 To do well in school, you must have good attendance! When you miss school, you miss lectures, notes, class discussions, home- work explanations, assignments, quizzes, and tests. It doesn’t matter how good you are about making up your work, you can never make up everything you miss, even if you’re absent for only a day. Unless you have an extended illness or a medical condition, you shouldn’t miss more than a few days of school a year. If you are absent from school... If you must be absent from school, remember that you are responsible for finding out what you’ve missed. You are also responsible for getting the work made up, and arranging to make up any missed quizzes or tests. Teachers are busy during class, so talk to each of your teachers before or after class to find out what you missed. Once you know what you need to do, get everything made up as soon as possible. If you know in advance that you’re going to be absent, try to get assignments ahead of time. “I try to never miss school. It’s such a pain to make things up.” Jack “When I come back after I’ve missed a couple of days, I feel like I don’t understand what’s going on at all.” Tyler “One of the smartest guys I know is getting Ds because he misses so much school.” Kate Step Be In School Every Day 2 Good attendance will not guarantee you good grades. If you have poor attendance, however, you are pretty much guaranteed to get poor grades. Attendance is the #1 school success factor