7 If you come to school every day and do the following, you are sure to get good grades. Be organized Being organized makes your day run smoother and it saves you time. u Use a student planner. u Keep your locker and backpack neat. u Use folders and binders to keep papers organized. u Get everything organized for the next day before you go to bed. “Using a planner helps me get things done on time so that I’m not turning assignments in late.” John Manage your time well With good time-management you have less stress and more free time. u Use any extra time in school to get started on homework. u Have a regular time and place to study. u Allow more time for homework than you think you’ll need. “I make To Do lists and check things off when they’re done.” Jenna Study smart Students who study smart spend less time studying and yet they get better grades. u Find a good place to study. u Plan out your study time. u Focus on one thing at a time. u Divide big projects up, and do a little each day. u When studying for a test, be sure to go over review sheets, chapter review questions, and your class notes. “Before I start to study, I figure out what I need to do and what order I’m going to do it in.” Marisa Step – Know How to Get Good Grades 3