5 Extracurricular Activities Middle schools generally have a variety of clubs, organizations, and teams students can join. In many schools, students can also work as an office aide or teacher’s assistant. Students who want to play a sport often have athletic eligibility require- ments they must meet. For example, athletes may be required to maintain a certain grade average. These same eligibility requirements may also apply to students who participate in activities such as cheerleading and student government. Standardized Tests In order to measure student achievement, all middle school students are required to take stan- dardized tests. Schools use the scores from these tests to improve their educational programs and to help place students in the most appropriate courses. While tests vary from state to state and school to school, all standardized tests compare student achievement with state and national averages. Student test scores are given to parents; however, test scores can some- times be difficult to understand. Make sure you receive all of your child’s test results, and that you understand the scores. “I called the school counselor and she explained my daughter’s test results to me. They make perfect sense now.” Kathy Hill, parent Bullying Bullying can be a problem in middle school.Talk to your child about what to do if he/she witnesses a student being bullied. If your child ever complains about being bullied or harassed, find out exactly what has happened. Then talk to your child’s counselor or principal. Sometimes students are afraid to tell their parents they’re being bullied. If your child suddenly doesn’t want to go to school, ask your child if someone is causing problems for him/her at school or online.