6 School Websites Most school districts have websites with links to the schools in their district. School websites contain calendar information, school news, and classroom web pages. Many of these sites also provide teacher contact information. Some classroom web pages provide links where you can check grades, confirm homework assignments, and obtain information on classroom projects. Visiting your school’s website is a great way to keep up with what’s going on at your school. Activities In the upper elementary grades, there may be clubs, organizations, and special groups that students can join. For example, students may have the opportunity to be in chorus, band or orchestra, play a sport, or be a member of the safety patrol or student council. There are also a number after-school activities for children this age (e.g., sports, gymnastics, art classes, music lessons). It’s good for students to be involved in activities; however, some students have too many scheduled activities. These students are often stressed out and they’re not enjoying school or their activities as much as they should. Quality is much more important than quantity. Encourage individual activities While group activities are important, it’s also important for chil- dren to have activities they enjoy doing by themselves. During the next few years, encourage your child to develop some personal hobbies. Help your child learn how to cook, play an instrument, juggle, make jewelry, collect something (coins, baseball cards, etc.), take pictures, garden, knit, or make a web page.