13 Students in the primary grades grow and change a great deal from year to year. This section provides an overview of the key physical and emotional developments, along with the academic expecta- tions, for each grade level. Keep in mind that children all develop differently. Kindergarten Is your child ready for kindergarten? Most school districts expect certain skills to be mastered before a child starts kindergarten. For example, when kindergartners start school they are generally expected to be able to do the following: u say their full name u follow simple instructions u recite some nursery rhymes u retell a familiar event or story u correctly identify colors u identify some letters in the alphabet u write their first name u identify basic shapes such as star, circle, and square u match objects (socks, shoes, mittens, gloves) u notice what is the same about objects and what is different u attempt to count to 10 Children entering kindergarten should also be able to: u make choices u take turns u share with others u help with chores at home Year by Year Kindergarten to Third Grade