2 The topics in this section are often covered in school handbooks and on school websites. If your school has a handbook, read through it carefully. For news and updates, regularly visit your school’s website. Becoming familiar with your school’s policies and procedures will help ensure that you and your child have a successful year! School Calendar Every school district has a calendar that shows when grading periods begin and end, when schools will be closed for holidays and vacations, and when parent-teacher conferences are scheduled. Many school cal- endars also include dates for testing, parent meetings, performances, and special events. Go through your school’s calendar and write all of the important dates on your calendar at home. Attendance Policies All schools have attendance policies that encourage regular attendance, while allow- ing students to be absent if they’re ill. Make sure you understand your school’s attendance policies, and know how your school wants absences reported. If your child is going to be absent for more than a couple of days, try to get some work that can be done at home. If your child has a chronic condition or an extended illness, get documentation from your child’s physician and share it with the school principal. Elementary School Basics