Step 1 - Determine Your Criteria Type of College Two-year colleges (community and technical colleges)  an increasingly popular choice, two-year colleges offer affordable one- and two-year career programs  two-year colleges accept all high school graduates  students can start at a two-year college and then transfer to a four-year college Four-year colleges  a four-year college education can open doors and prepare students for a wide variety of careers  four-year colleges vary greatly in size, costs, and admission requirements  public four-year colleges are generally larger and offer more majors and programs; private colleges are usually smaller and have a more personal atmosphere Size Do you want to go to a large school with lots of majors and activities, or to a small school with fewer students and smaller classes? Small colleges may have fewer than 2,000 students; large colleges can have 20,000+ students. Academic Programs All colleges have a variety of majors. While most colleges have popular majors like business, not every college has every major. If there’s a specific subject you want to study, you need to find the colleges that offer that major.