College Admissions Policies Colleges have varying admissions policies. Some colleges accept all high school graduates. Others are more selective. Open Admissions Colleges with open admissions accept all students with a high school diploma until spaces are filled. Virtually all two-year colleges have open admissions. Less Selective A high school diploma and acceptable grades are usually all that are required for admission to a less selective college. ACT/SAT scores are generally required, but they are often used more for course placement than admission. Somewhat Selective These colleges accept students based on their GPA, the strength of their high school courses, test scores, school and community activities, and recommendations. Very Selective The students who are admitted to very selective colleges generally have outstanding academic records (high GPAs and test scores) and impressive activities, honors, and recommendations. In addition to having requirements for admission, colleges often have additional requirements for specific majors. For example, a student may be accepted at College X, but not be able to get into their School of Business.