Colleges use some, if not all, of the information listed below when determining whether or not to accept an applicant. Individual colleges, however, differ in how they evaluate this information. Grade Point Average / Class Rank Colleges know that students who do well in high school are more likely to succeed in college. Colleges therefore consider a student’s grades in college prep courses to be the most important admissions criteria. Strength of Subjects Colleges examine high school transcripts carefully. They check to see if students have taken the recom- mended college prep courses, and whether or not they’ve taken any advanced or honors courses. Test Scores Most four-year colleges require that students submit ACT or SAT scores. The more selective the school, the more important these test scores are. Extracurricular Activities Colleges are looking for meaningful involvement, commitment, dedication, and evidence of leadership. Quality is more important than quantity. Colleges also look for students with unique talents and interests. Recommendations Colleges often ask for letters of recommendation from counselors and/or teachers. Admissions Criteria