How to Make the Most of Your Visit Take a walking tour A group tour is a great way to see the campus and learn about the college. During the tour, your guide (usually a student) will provide you with facts and valuable infor- mation. Your tour guide will also make sure that you see what’s most important on campus. On your tour, you are likely to see the following: Libraries Residence halls Classrooms Dining halls Athletic facilities Student union Recreation centers Computer labs Explore on your own In addition to a formal tour, walk around the campus on your own. Note the cleanliness and atmosphere of the campus, and how the students look and act. Eat in a dining hall or the student union, and talk to students. Ask what they like (and don’t like) about the college, how much they study, and what they do on weekends. Check out the surrounding area Learn about the city or town the college is located in. Remember, you won’t just go to school there—you will also be living in that community. Visualize yourself as a student As you walk around the college, imagine being a student there. Do you feel comfortable on campus? Does the college feel like a good fit?